Actions to Stop Anxiety

Worry and anxiety come when one is trying to concentrate and focus on many things. Fear can lead you to uncertainties. At such moments it can be difficult to calm down and relax however much you try. This article will give you the ways which will help you calm down wherever you are feeling worried and anxious. Read on

 Control Your Breathing

controlled breathingTry to change the way you are breathing at the moment of stress. First of all, try to breathe slowly. For example, breath in every seven seconds then holds your breath for about three seconds. Repeat the process and you will witness great change. If you do not mind taking many breaths, continue with the process until you calm down completely.


Affirmations work for some people. Not everyone will benefit from the breathing exercise. Affirmations are words that make you feel better about yourself. For example, you can say, I believe in myself, I am a positive person, I can make it out of this one successfully. Such kind and positive words can elevate your moods and kick away all anxiety and stress.

Aerobic Exercise

aerobicsIf you still cannot feel better after the above actions, you can try an aerobics class. Worry leads to the production of hormone adrenaline. Focusing that energy to helpful things like aerobic exercise works amazing. As we all know, exercise has a lot of benefits to the body and helps a lot with worrisome thoughts.
Exercise makes you breath heavier, and this is a great form of distraction. The body produces endorphins hormones during exercise, and they are known to improve one’s moods. You can as well engage in fun activities like swimming, walking, cycling, hockey, soccer and any other games that make you happy.

Engage in Activities That Calm You Down

What are your hobbies, what do you love doing? Identify one activity that cheers you up and do it. It can be an activity that can be done from the bed I mean when resting. It does not have to be a physical activity. Some people love listening to music. You can as well take another calming activity like meditation. If you love cycling or playing football, engage in the same as well. As long as it calms your nerves, take it.

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